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Our Main Products

Sawn Timber

MCG Timber can offer you the finest construction timber from west Russia and Siberia – delivered right to your door.


We offer a great variety of bio-fuels from pellets to briquettes that suit any private or industrial use. Compared to traditional logs, wood briquettes take less storage space, are safe to use and burn longer with a higher heat output.

Special Offers

This winter save on your heating bills with our special offers on bio-fuels.
Wood pellets and briquettes last up to 4 times longer than traditional wood,
glow brighter and are convenient to store. This environmental fuel is brilliant both for home and industrial use.

To learn more about our special offer please see our brochure.

Our offer sheets are now also available for download in PDF format.

Our Certification

We take very seriously the responsible harvesting, processing and distribution of our timber and do everything in our power to reduce the impact we have on the environment.

As ethical timber suppliers, we’re committed to environmental practices at all levels of our business – from harvesting to processing, importing to distributing across the UK.

We invest in technology upgrading that help us reduce the industrial waste and recycle most of our waste.